Songs That Saved My Life
will be centered around four initiatives

1: Compilations and Singles

We will launch with a 10 song compilation featuring large and up and coming artists from our community, each covering a song that has helped them through a personally challenging time.

The hope would be to continue doing a new version of the compilation each year, but we could also release one off singles after the initial compilation, or a combination of full compilations and one off singles.

Artwork and marketing/pr will include these personal stories from the artists about why they decided chose their cover and what it personally means to them. Personal stories will be conveyed in videos, audio and text.

Example Artists
All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, With Confidence, etc.

2: Merchandise

We will set up the compilation with merchandise just as we would an artist’s album. There will be an opportunity to sell STSML branded merch as well as the possibility for collaboration merch with artists featuring their lyrics, or the lyrics of a song that helped them.

3: Playlists

We will set up playlists on major services that will include the artist’s testimonials on their cover as well as limited time curation where an artist chooses a whole playlist of songs that helped them.

4: Videos

We will set up a Youtube channel for the brand to feature the music videos and artist testimonials, as well as fan submitted covers of songs that helped them through difficult times.


We look forward to supporting organizations like Hope For The Day, To Write Love On Her Arms, and many more!