Songs That Saved My Life is a brand centered around music that played a pivotal role in the lives of artists and fans that benefits mental health and suicide prevention charities. Everyone has music that helped them through a tough time. Songs That Saved My Life looks to engage current artists with cover versions of those songs and share those stories with the world. Currently, this project benefits Crisis Text Line, Hope For The Day, The Trevor Project, and To Write Love On Her Arms. 


Songs That Saved My Life
is centered around four initiatives

Compilations & Singles

Comps featuring artists from our community covering a song that has helped them through a personally challenging time.


Music videos and testimonials from the bands, along with artist-curated video playlists.


Featuring artist’s testimonials on their cover and limited time artist-curated playlists.


STSML branded merch and collaboration merch with artists, featuring their favorite lyrics.


a few statistics

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US alone.

  • Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds, after accidents and homicide.

  • Rates of depression among girls ages 12-17 in 2015 were more than double that of boys, 19.5% vs. 5.8%.

  • 30 percent of teens with depression also develop a substance abuse problem.

  • 64.1% of youth with major depression do not receive any mental health treatment.

  • Over 44,000 people a year die of suicide.

  • Almost 500,000 people attempt suicide per year.

  • Globally, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression.



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